Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Birds Need To Fly

3 days passed, still not very comfortable.....its me.

A gift i got, a lovely gift i got.....4 little budgie parrots 3 blue 1 white 3 male 1 female.
I was very excited when i got them, but in a day only i started to feel bad seeing those little flying
birds stuck in the cage. i tried to be comfortable with them thinking those birds were born in a cage so they would not like to fly and as they don't know the outside world, may be a cat or a big bird would kill them.

But this morning something bad happened, i was feeding the little fellows and suddenly one of the smart ones flew away, it flew away away and away.....at first i felt bad but later i thought it was good the little budgie had to fly high...high up in the blue sky, its where they belong....today i am gonna return back the rest to the place i got it from i know it would hurt a bit but its better for both of us........everyone need to live their own beautiful life in their own ways we are no one to question or stop them....