Sunday, 12 July 2009

Dawgs!!! BOW WOW

Nice it was that i went out for a cup of tea after my lunch at my office, me my few friends we all were there waiting at the tea stall, then there comes the this dog wagging his tail in the middle of the tea stall and us.
Just to hush him away i took the initiative, and to my horror that stupid dog got hold of my leg with his big mouth and his sharp teeth, i tried to move my leg away! and yes i did well but the dog too he now got hold of my other leg....and then wat!!
he had his time he bit me...Oh my god now what i had to rush to the hospital to my other horror to get 5!!! shots.
however not all at the same time but still i got 3 two in my arms and one in my leg and now its paining goddamit!!! and that's not all for the rest i need to go on for regular shots after every few days...

Note:- dogs are still mans best friend BOW WOW...:-)