Sunday, 6 March 2011

Freedom Lost, Happiness Found

Hey fellaz, how are all of you? Hope everything is going good with y'all. Well it's all said and done now. YES peepz, RADOXIUM's status now says MARRIED. He's married now, and sadly the freedom is gone. Hehehehe. Just kidding guys, he has found happiness finally and we all wish him all the best for the future. The wedding was amazing, RADOXIUM looked great as ever, in a sherwani. But the reception was a dampener literally speaking as it rained and rained. So much was planned for that day and it all got washed down. But as the world knows, we Punjabis never back down from having fun no matter what, so we still had tons of fun, personally it was the first time i had whiskey. Hehehehe. So guys i'm signing off by wishing RADOXIUM all the best for his married life filled with loads of happiness and amazing laughs everyday. Chillz!!!