Sunday, 13 March 2011

It's Out

Hey all you people out there, what's cracking up with y'all? So finally, i say FINALLY, the new album by RADOXIUM has been released and yes, it's out in the stores. So now y'all music fanatics can get your copy at the nearest music store (musicland, planet M, etc..). This album is designed for the masses to enjoy the heavy and nerve wrecking beats of Drum n Bass. But the most interesting part is the fusion of the soothing indian classical music comprising of instruments like the Sarangi, the Flute, the Tabla, the Sitar and the Santoor. It has been an amazing effort to fuse the Western and the Eastern cultures and they have done one hell of an awesome job.

Just a little bit about the awesome artist called RADOXIUM, as y'all probably know he's a simple and fun loving guy with an immense passion and respect for all genres of music. Being a Punjabi has it's advantages you see, music running through the blood. He started composing music when he was 15 and now being a Computer Engineer, and Audio Engineer and his latest accomplishment, an Electronic Music Programmer from London, we can surely think of this man as being a Juggernaut in the industry. The collaborations with various indian and foreign artists have helped transform this man from a newbie to a pro over the period of 9 years.

Enough said peepz, just grab your copy at your nearest music store and experience the blast of decade called FUTURE SOUNDZ OF INDIA.