Monday, 18 April 2011


The Album Is Designed For The Masses To Enjoy The Heavy And Powerfull Beats And Heart Throbbing Bassline Of Drum N Bass. The Beats are Intrestingly Blend With Melodious Soundz Of Indian Classical Instruments Such As Sarangi, Santoor, Sitar, Flute And Tabla.
The Album Consists Of 8 Ground Breaking And Nerve Soothing Tracks Which Will Lure You In To Dimention Of Advanced Drum N Bass And Indian Classical Fusion Which Will Make You Forget Everything Else.
Now Its Time To Experience The Extreme Enigma Of Pure Electronic Soundz Mashed Up With Indian Classical Instruments.

The album is now available on digital downloads, the links of which are given below. Download the music and enjoy the thrilling ride.

iTunes ( for U.S, U.K/Europe, Japan, Mexico Aus/NZ, Canada only)
go to the iTunes store and type in RADOXIUM and you can get the songs for downloads

Nokia Ovi Music

If all ya peepz want to buy the official album merchandise then please visit:


Physical CD's Available at (Music Land, Reliance Digital...)

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So fellaz, hear out the music and mash up your heads to the bassline of FUTURE SOUNDZ OF INDIA by RADOXIUM.