Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Super Sound, Awesome Entertainment

Hey guys how's it going with y'all? It's all smacking good i hope. Well there's an awesome news, our very own RADOXIUM got a new home theater system. A 5.1 channel Sony system with matte black finish, i was in love with it the moment i saw it. And the first movie that i saw with RADOXIUM was Transformers: Revenge of the fallen. Well the movie has got the best sound effects so y'all can imagine what it would sound like with a 5.1 system, one word for it KICKASS. Right from Bumblebee transforming into an awesome yellow Camaro to our own optimus prime killing the fallen, the experience was just heavenly. Now i'm looking forward to watching more movies on the system, any suggestions would be most welcome. So i'm signing off wishing y'all a good day. Chillz!!!