Friday, 18 March 2016

Change all what we need


The word itself depicts a difference for the bad for the good, that is in our hands.
It is upto us to create a better world for our children's, children.
Clean air to breath, pure water to drink and a habitable environment to live in. Lot of animals are dying due to deforestation and our earth is getting converted into a jungle of concrete.
Resources are getting depleted, and things are getting worse.
The only question is: When will this stop ? When will things improve, for the betterment, For the greater good?
Maybe our song will not seem attractive to you in a more "FUN" manner,
but the matter in the song is, people getting killed, violence, aggression.
Things will not improve unless we improve them ourselves.

A lot of effort has been put in to make the video and a lot of thoughts too...
not of the very peppy genre but something which u all should watch and share....