(Bollywood Music Director)

Pritam Da’s visit to our studio was a moment of pride and honour. Not only is he a famous and great music director but also an exceptionally wonderful person. We recorded music for a film. It was a pleasure to work with him.

Ustad Kamal Sabri | Yesudas
(Sarangi Maestro | Sound Engineer)

We have had the pleasure to work with Ustad ji & Yesudas both in the studio and playing live with him. We recorded the famous fusion ‘Sarangi Funk’ & ‘Sarangi Redefined’ Album which became one of the popular sellers.

Babu Mann
(Singer | Songwriter)

The legendary singer with a credit of several punjabi super hits songs came to our Chandigarh studio. He is a person who had the scent of Punjab’s pure soil in his heart and soul. It was a truly ‘Chak de Phatte’ experience !

Jassi Jasraj
(Singer | Actor)

The famous punjabi singer Jassi Jasraj recorded some great music at our studios and was much impressed with the quality of our work and ambience. We were thankful for his comments and took pride in our work and services.

Rupinder Handa

Rupinder Handa with her melodious voice recorded some outstanding numbers. She congratulated us on our professionalism and friendly atmosphere ...many thanks Rupinder ji!

Gitaz Bindrakhia

The son of famous Surjit Bindrakhiya, recorded at our studio a song written and composed by Babu maan. The atmosphere was electrifying and we had a great time recording for him.

Jelly Manjit Puri
(Songwriter | Tumbi Player)

Jelly Pahjji is one of the famous songwriter & tumbi player from Punjab. Recording the sound of his tumbi was amazing. The unadulterated music from his tumbi impacted on the overall environment and made work not feel like work!

Major Singh
(Alghoza player)

Famous Alghoza player recorded at our studios in Chandigarh. He introduced us to the traditional folk woodwind instrument. Its swinging and bouncing rhythm filled the air with nostalgia. Major singh was a delightful person and we thoroughly enjoyed recording with him.

and the list goes on...